Seeking Arrangement Scams to Watch Out For, Is He a Prince Charming or Just a Fraud?

Help! How can I avoid Seeking Arrangement Scams? Your fear is legit, but there are things you can do to avoid getting trapped by a fake Sugar Daddy. Most Sugar Daddies are nice, rich gentlemen, and are happy to splurge on you. But there are some crooks that you should be wary of.

With experience, you will be able to identify the seeking arrangement fake profiles instantly. Here’s what you should know.

1st type- The so-called Sugar Daddy sends you money instantly, to reserve you for himself. He says he is traveling and will take a few weeks before he meets you. Don’t you smell something fishy there?

2nd type- The Sugar Daddy asks for your bank login details, PIN, and password so that he can send the money faster. Okay, walk away – that’s a very obvious scam. The creep wants to hack into your bank account.

3rd type- The Sugar Daddy asks you to fill out forms for his company’s HR so that he can deduct money from his paycheck and set up a direct deposit to be sent to your account. He wants to add you to his company’s payroll. That is a very obvious tax scam. Trust us on this; you don’t want to have anything to do with such an arrangement.

4th type- The Sugar Daddy knows that you are poor student or recent graduate and wants to send you money in advance so that you can get dolled up before meeting him. Right, the man expects sexual favors on the first date with you. It’s not okay for Sugar Daddies to send money even before the first date.

5th type- He wants to have a long-distance relationship with you on Skype. He wants to send money so that you can buy a laptop or iPad, and he gives you money to buy outfits for the Skype call. He even tells you which outfit to buy. He wants to see you naked on camera. Runaway while you can. The so-called Sugar Daddy is a control freak at best and a pervert at worst.

6th type- He says he wants to have a seeking arrangement relationship with you, but you have to help him first. He wants to deposit his customer checks into your account. Then you are supposed to pay some of his bills and keep the rest for yourself. Okay, this is a clear violation of the tax law. Stay away from this person as you don’t want to be prosecuted by the authorities for being an accomplice in a tax scam.

It’s not so easy to find the perfect Sugar Daddy. To find one, you will have to sift through hundreds of messages and separate the Seeking Arrangement Fake Profiles from those that are legit. Just stay away from Sugar Daddies that boast about their wealth, behave rudely or ask for your sensitive bank information.

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