My First Venture Into The Seeking Arrangement Lifestyle

You already know how stressful a first date can be. And, if you’ve decided to become a sugar baby, there are a few things you should know before you dive headfirst into the seeking arrangement dating scene. It’s important to keep your head and wits about you when you first get into the lifestyle. There are so many dangers that are associated with dating a total stranger – a potential sugar daddy. Don’t be naïve and gullible. Just because you’re excited doesn’t mean you can let your safety fall to the wayside.

That was me though!

I started getting all kinds of messages from potential sugar daddies – messages filled with private picture invites and compliments. There was one message out of them all that stood out. He took the time to write his message – talked about himself and what he was after. He made my heart skip just a little. I knew I was golden thanks to his message.

We messaged for several days, getting to know one another. The next step of the meeting came next. Once I saw his message about wanting to meet, my heart just dropped.

Playing Things Safely

I knew I needed to keep touch with reality, and I told him I’d meet him at the local Starbucks in a town away from me. We met one morning early. I wanted to make sure I didn’t run into anyone I knew. As I got to the door, reality hit me. What was I doing? Am I going to meet someone who I have just started talking to?

I thought for a split second about getting out of there. However, I found my courage deep down and walked through the day as if I’ve done the practice so many times I’ve lost count. I found him sitting in the corner in the back. His pictures were no justice – he may have been in his 50s, but he looked like he was in his 40s. He had gray hair that matched his tan skin. I sat down at the table and talked to him. I remained oblivious to stares that were cast our way.

Remember Your Get Away

We talked for several hours about all kinds of things – personality types, books, movies, generation differences, etc. Still, we eventually had to leave. The problem was that I forgot my exit. He noticed I was a bit unsettled and offered to take me home. So, I let him take me home – I had failed to come up with an alternative location for him to go to. We talked a little more on the drive back. When we arrived at my house, he kissed me goodbye.

What I Learned That Day

While my first date with a sugar daddy went well, the experience taught me a lot. One of which was to plan my transportation. Don’t become trapped with the lack of it. Have some exit in mind.

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