2 Professions That Lead To The Best Sugar Daddies

You’ve decided to entire the seeking arrangement Canada market and meet various sugar daddies through seeking arrangement Canada dating websites. You, no doubt, have questions about the whole process including what profession leads to the best sugar daddies. Understand this: sugar daddies can work in any field – any industry. However, if you need a more definitive idea of what sugar daddies you should pay attention to, then you may be surprised to learn that it’s not always a doctor or dentist.


When it comes to entrepreneurs, it doesn’t mean Mark Zuckerberg. Rather, it’s a certain kind of men and women that know what’s valuable and can sell it. There are entrepreneurs in nearly all markets – people who operate a fitness franchise or have a software business or someone who created a popular game app. All you need to do is watch the market and those who live in your area.


It appears that investors are making ideal sugar daddies – though there’s no reason why behind it. Perhaps it because investors know you don't get anything for free, especially when it comes to the dating scene. Rather than dealing with the unwanted costs associated with a relationship – divorce, marriage, drama, etc. – they may find it easier to pay for a relationship. It may be, for this reason, that investors make them more appreciative of what women have to bring to their table.

Why Investors and Entrepreneurs Though

Investors and entrepreneurs are ideal sugar daddies because they certainly make money. They don’t work for a paycheck, which makes them much different than getting together with a high-level executive earning a huge paycheck. They also tend to give something to their sugar babies’ life – something more valuable than an allowance and that’s their knowledge. There’s an old saying to integrate yourself with smart people (and investors and entrepreneurs tend to be the smartest around.)

People who become investors or entrepreneurs tend to love what they do and are often obsessed with it. They stay so busy, which means a sugar baby can still have her own life. With a flexible schedule like they have, you could see this as a great thing or a negative aspect. It all depends on what you want from the seeking arrangement Canada dating.

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