The Godfather of the Plot in Canada

Have you ever wondered how it is like to be a Sugar Daddy – The Godfather of the Plot or the King of a Harem – your own Sugar Bowl? What’s Seeking Arrangements like?

Sounds exciting. You can make that happen by joining Seeking Arrangement Canada. Just sign up for one of our pricing plans, set up your profile and start hunting!

You will find profiles of tens of thousands of beautiful and ravishing young ladies to choose from. Most of the sugar babies in Canada are college girls, between 19 and 24 – which is when a woman is at her finest.

As a “sugar daddy” seeking arrangements – we are assuming you are a successful self-made business owner, CEO and President of a company, a hedge fund manager, investment banker, a media personality, a professional athlete, a doctor or a politician.

You may belong to any of the professions mentioned above – apologies if your profession wasn’t listed there. Generally, sugar daddies come from many different backgrounds.

What unites them, though, is that they are all fabulously rich. They have an income of at least $250,000/year and a net worth of $5 million or more. These are highly successful, accomplished men who have had it made for them.

They can do anything they want in life, they can holiday at an exotic location, stay at any 7-star hotel or luxury resort, go on a cruise trip across the Mediterranean, or even have their own yacht.

They live a wonderful life, a lifestyle that is the envy of all men. They are incredibly wealthy, own real estate, stocks, gold, and other assets, and have little to no debt. But all of that success comes at a cost.

These men will have worked hard for most of their adult life, through their 20s, 30s, and 40s. They stay loyal to their families and never stray, but at a point all of that gets boring.

What do all rich, successful gentlemen want more than anything in the world? The company of a lovely young woman: They crave female company – the younger, the better.

That explains why so many of them are interested in Seeking Arrangements.

Sites like Seeking Arrangement in Canada have capitalized on this nature of successful men. They have created a safe online platform where they can browse hundreds of sugar baby profiles, send a message to those they like the best and arrange a first date.

If the first date works out well, there can be more dates. While a Sugar Baby – Sugar Daddy relationship is the same as that between a boyfriend and girlfriend; it is purely transactional.

Most Sugar Daddies move on from one Sugar Baby to another every couple of months. They don’t stick to just one for too long. They crave the company of young women but aren’t interested in long-term relationships or even marriage.

For Sugar Daddies, it’s about being the Godfather of the Plot, or having complete control over their social life – just as they do in business.

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